We have a modern 4000 square foot factory unit which is divided into 4 main sections:

Engine and transmission department

Engine & Transmission Department

Machining and fabrication department

Machining & Fabrication

Strip and clean bay

Strip & Clean Bay

Main car workshop

Our workshop has the space for 7 car bays, including a 2 post and a 4 post lift. We have a further car bay for body shell fabrication where we have a Celette body jig and a body shell roll over frame. We are able to carry out structural body shell repairs, be it corrosion panel replacement, or race car fabrication, roll cage fitting, competition strengthening and finally accident damage re-alignment.

One bay is devoted to wheel alignment; we have a Longacre flat patch with an Intercomp corner weight set and the Beissbarth alignment system. We weight the car to match driver and fuel loads, to make sure we set up to the right set of conditions.

Four bays are used for the assembly and preparation of cars; when a body shell comes back from the paint shop, it goes in to one of these bays and the removed parts are refitted to the shell.

We have an electrical section where motorsport wiring looms are made and fitted to cars; we produce dashboards, switch panels and relay mounts to suit. Road car looms are also re-wrapped, repaired and modified.

The two lift bays are used for repairs, underside work etc. We have ‘old school’ Crypton engine analysers as well as a large amount of fuel injection testing equipment and data.