At Retro Engineering Ltd we can offer a wide catalogue of parts for your various projects, be it racing, fast road or general restoration.

We also offer specialist products which we have both designed and developed to complement our motorsport programme.

The wide catalogue of parts we offer can be accessed via our online shop and our eBay Store for up-to-date listings:

Online Shop

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These parts are available for the following makes and models:

  • BMW 2002/ti/tii/turbo/touring
  • BMW 1800/ti/tisa
  • Triumph Dolomite Sprint
  • Jaguar XJS

The parts we offer are:

  • Body panels
  • Wheels
  • Gaskets
  • Various trim
  • FIA approved safety equipment (seats, extinguisher, belts etc)
  • Various NLA secondhand components

Our specialist products are also available for the models listed in our parts section. These consist of:

  • Valve guides to suit the BMW models as listed and the Triumph Dolomite Sprint
  • Bottom pulleys and flywheels
  • Head studs
  • Suspension kits, dampers and coil springs
  • Front legs, tie bars and arms
  • Rear arms
  • Front sub-frames
  • Rear sub-frames
  • Braking system
  • Engine components such as valves, pistons and conrods
  • Engine blocks and cylinder heads
  • Transmission parts such as complete gear sets
  • Individual gears
  • Bearings and Gasket Sets
  • Re-manufacture of NLA parts
  • Differentials, limited slip and open
  • Crown wheel and pinions
  • Up rated cooling system, radiators, hoses and pumps

For any products not listed above which you may require, please visit our shop or contact us directly.