BMW 1800 Neu Klasse Upgrade

One of our French customers, had a lot of work done on his BMW 1800 Neu Klasse over the winter ready for the Classic Monte Carlo Rally in January 2020.

We carried out a full suspension up grade front and rear. The front suspension was a fully custom made and machined pair of front legs with adjustable spring platforms. The front brakes were up graded to our AP vented disc brake set. The rear subframe was replaced with a side loader type diff able to take a heavy duty LSD and a set of reconditioned driveshafts. The gearbox was up graded to a 262 and we modified the gearbox tunnel to suit. The propshaft was custom made in house to suit the gearbox and diff package. We fitted the car with one of our adjustable biased pedal box with strengthened pedals to suit. An upgraded pedal and throttle linkage were also added to give the driver better response. A high spec 1800 engine was built by Nigel featuring all steel bottom end and head work to suit. Finally the chassis was set up to compliment all the works carried out during the upgrade.

Phillipe started around 300, by the end of Day 1 he was up to 270 and continued to climb until reaching the top 50.

Unfortunately after a gruelling rally and only 17km from finishing he hit a rock which pushed the tracking out, unfortunately preventing him from completing the Rally. This was the best drive he’d had to date in this car, congratulations Phillipe on such a tremendous drive.