2020 Workshop News

The workshop has remained busy throughout the pandemic; work has changed from race car ‘on event’ preparation, support and maintenance to component building, upgrading and new builds.

We added a highly experienced member of staff to our machining and fabrication section earlier in the year and we have been introducing new products to our range of race components.

We have purchased new machines and tooling to improve our cylinder head section as well as the capabilities to keep the work ‘in house’.

Our car set up section has a new Beissbarth alignment system – this is Motorsports finest alignment system.

We currently have nine BMW 2002s in for refurbishment/restoration; three ‘restomods’, a club race car build, a group 2 race car build, a very original Tii, a Touring road/rally car and a Tii Cabriolet road car and a Turbo.

The very special TWR XJS re creation is moving forward – we are re making all components required to produce an accurate, homologated car – we are very fortunate to have a genuine car and components to work from. The car should be ready to race in 2021 and we are all looking forward to a season of testing and developing.

The transmission and engine departments are busy; we have sent units to Singapore, Japan, Australia, Europe, USA and even the Middle East.

The parts department is growing steadily, we are now stocking more and more, carrying re-conditioned components and keeping a range of our Motorsport products on the shelf. We are also running an online shop.